Askinosie's Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Posted on 18 October 2016

For its chocolate hazelnut spread, Askinosie takes DuChilly hazelnuts from Washington State, the sweetest variety; adds roasted cocoa nibs and cocoa powder, made at its Missouri factory with beans bought directly from Philippine farmers; and mixes them together for days in a century-old melangeur (chocolate grinder). One spoonful, and all memory of Nutella is gone. –Ligaya Mishan New York Times

We waited to bring Askinosie's incredible bean to bar chocolate into the PHYLA shop until they had whipped up a new batch of this marvelous spread. And I am so excited to introduce it to you all now. There are few things as purely indulgent as the version we all grew up on, but I wanted to find a version with ingredients and a story worth giving and sharing. Askinosie is the answer. It's really a chocolate spread with hazelnuts added for richness and creaminess. The incredible notes of dark chocolate dominate.

I can't tell you how many ways I have eaten this spread. My favorite variation is a heaping spoonful topped off with a Jack Rudy Bourbon Cherry. On toast it's incredible. But most of our first jar was eaten on its own with a spoon and a lot of joy.

Each jar is crafted with single origin chocolate, single origin Hazelnuts from a Washington estate, and is blended to perfection in Missouri by one the USA's first and best-known bean to bar chocolate makers. Unlike Nutella, it's vegan. It truly makes an incredible gift. 

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  • Carl Donald: July 02, 2017


    We have a shop in the Fiji Islands, In this case are you authorized to ship out worldwide.

    Do you accept pickup by private pick by my courier service ?

    Do you accept visa or master card for payment manually?

    A price list if possible?

    I await the requested information so that i can proceed with the ordering.

    Thank you,

    Carl Donald.

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