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Posted on 10 October 2016

Bryr Clogs are pretty easy to be excited about. Each pair is handmade to order in San Francisco. The hard part is choosing the right pair since you can't see every color and style combination on their website (just swatches).

I picked up my first pair last month. I went with the Miranda, in a sandal toe, and a high heel. I love them, as you can probably tell from the scuffs on them after having them for just a month! Remind me to check their care instructions for advice on cleaning them up.

If I get another pair, I'll go with the mid heel in a neutral color. I am the sort of girl who likes to move around at will and I spend a lot of time packing boxes and carrying heavy loads in the studio. While doable in my high heel Mirandas, I am more inclined to want to stay put at my desk.

They aren't the best shoes for your most active days.  

Barley and Me.

StyleSaint Bella Top. Old jeans. Bryr Clogs (Miranda). Good dog.

I wanted to include mentions to a few other well-made clogs here, but I don't really know of another company producing clogs that I like quite as much. Do you? 

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