Style: The White Silk Tank

Posted on 25 August 2016

As someone with a habit of spilling things, I have a complicated relationship with white clothing. I know people who can eat an entire burrito without dropping a single morsel of pico de gallo. I am not one of those people.

But I'm committed to trying and I am liking the results. Wearing white clothing is helping me to be more mindful of how I move my body in space. Now, I think twice before picking up a Fedex delivery in the studio and holding it against my body as I carry it. 

Caroline in a White Everlane Tank

Me in Everlane's White Silk Tank.

Here's a few of my favorite ethically produced white silk tanks. 




Eileen Fisher Tank

Eileen Fisher Blue Sign Certified

I am tired of shirts that don't layer well under jackets. In California, constant temperature changes are the norm. Silk tanks look as perfect on their own as they do with a jacket. 

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