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Welcome to PHYLA! This is an online shop where you can create and send thoughtful gifts. Build your own completely unique gift box or choose from one of our curated bundles. All bundles include donations to incredible nonprofits like Sustainable Harvest International, Movemeant, World Bicycle Relief and The Rose.

We believe that our friends, clients, and family deserve gifts that support the kind of world we all want to inhabit. They deserve goods made with love, care, and attention to how their production affects our shared environment and the communities that produce them. 

All of our fine gifts meet at least one of the following four criteria:
1) Made with sustainably grown and/or certified organic ingredients.
2) Independently made by an artist, artisan or family business in North America.
3) Fair trade or Ethically Direct Trade.
4) Crafted with the purpose of replacing toxic or wasteful materials.


Caroline Law | Founder of PHYLA

Caroline Law is the girl behind PHYLA. Her middle name is Phila, as is her mother's, and her grandmother is Phila Jane. It means 'brotherly love' in Greek and has been passed down through generations. She mixed up the spelling for easier pronunciation, and to avoid confusion with that Pennsylvania city (Phila-delphia, the city of brotherly love).

She strives for a delicate equilibrium between slow and sustainable living and exceptional daily achievement. She's on a mission to find pleasure in even the most mundane tasks of daily life. She is passionate about bringing modern elegance and grace back to the art of giving. 

Caroline loves her dog, a tiger-striped pit mix named Barley and spending time in her garden.

PHYLA is based in Santa Barbara, California.


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Caroline Law | Founder of PHYLA 

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