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Pure Detox Bundle


Pure and mindful products made with organic and fair-trade ingredients. Formulated without ingredients that may cause cancer and disrupt our delicate hormones for true beauty, radiance and luxury.

An unbelievably soft organic cotton Japanese wash cloth perfect for tending to delicate facial skin. Jasmine Green Tea Mask formulated with organic ceremonial grade matcha and sustainably harvested Hawaiian spirulina. An exotic serum crafted with four rare nourishing cold-pressed oils for natural radiance and luster. 

Each bundle includes a $30 donation to The Rose, a nonprofit founded on the principle that "every woman deserves quality breast health care." They provide screening, diagnostics and treatment to women regardless of their ability to pay. 

PRODUCTS: Organic Cotton Face Cloth. Sourced from Imbari, Japan. Looped organic cotton pile woven on a low speed loom.  || Aromatic and Sensuous Loose Leaf Fleur + Cacao Tea. Organic green and white jasmine teas is blended with rose petals, roasted cacao nibs, goji berries and organic vanilla from the south of India. || Rose + Chamomile Cleansing Grains. Gentle exfoliation formulated in Brooklyn, NY. || Rose + Chamomile Honey Clay Cleanser. A silky cleanser with soothing botanicals like raw honey and rose kaolin clay. || Hydrating Facial Toner. A lush mix of plant waters to tone and refresh from Palermo Body. || Rain + Wood Soy Candle. Pure soy wax and a USA harvested cherry wood wick. Hand-poured in Santa Barbara, California. || Tea Tree + Mint Soap. Crafted with purpose and mindfulness with organic and sustainable palm and coconut oils and french green clay. || Simple Cardamom Lip Balm. Organic lip balm naturally scented with spicy, warming organic cardamom. || 

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